Artist Bio

Maurice_PhotoMaurice Elmalem known world wide as the “Renaissance Man” because of his endless talent that surrounds many different arts and shapes. A fierce artist, Maurice doesn’t mind a challenge and that’s what makes his life very unique. He has great ability to paint with oil on canvas and water color. Many outstanding paintings that require vision of the art using colors that blends well with the classic look. His subjects of painting vary from nature to very detailed art such as portraits, flowers, animals, fruits, murals, musical instruments, abstract and etc. He earned a very good repetition in the world of art with140 paintings to his credit that have been sold to art galleries, stores & private art collectors.

His mentors, and fascination with art started at young age with the admiration of artist such as Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vince, Monet, Van Gough, Chagal and many more. He studied art and photography at New York University, Israel and Canada. In 2006 Maurice discovered the butterfly art with 45 frames to his credit using real butterflies creating forms and shapes beyond your imagination. Among his many butterfly art subjects are: a giant butterfly frame that has countless butterflies creating a shape of butterfly design, Caribbean waters using neon butterflies that flow together like a calming waters of the Caribbean. Other frames of the butterfly art have giant ocean wave, a beautiful day in the tropics, musical forms, freedom, love of the hearts, American flag, world of peace, butterflies in paradise and many more.

The butterflies are all mounted in clear acrylic frame on clear rods of various lengths to give the display a 3D effect. Maurice’s selection of butterflies are the best from around the world and selected very carefully with brilliant colors, shape and style. Among Maurice’s other talents: architectural designer, builder, musician and artist, real estate developer, general contractor, inventor, outstanding martial artist and fighter with 7 world championship titles, 8 Guinness Book World Records, author of 3 books, editor of Budo International Martial Arts Magazine, producer of 24 DVD titles for health and, self defense. He is a sculptor photographer, runner, carpenter, idealist and building projects with tremendous creative art and shape that stand out like a piece of art among the best around.

Mr. Elmalem has high standards for himself and quality above all. He visualizes his projects as pieces of art and sees them in his mind complete with all the details, trim, colors and glamour. He takes as much pride in his buildings as he does his other artistic creations. “When I see these projects that I have worked so hard on finally completed it’s just so beautiful” he said. His shattering taekwondo, combat hapkido and krav maga skills helps break open the doors of Hollywood. For more information about Maurice the artist visit /